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What is TuxFamily ?

TuxFamily is a non-profit organization which provides free services for projects dealing with the free software philosophy (free as in free speech, not as in free beer). All projects licensed with any libre [License/En license] are accepted, for example GPL, BSD, CC-BY-SA, Art Libre, ... you can read a more detailed presentation

What kind of services do you provide ?

A lot ! you may find a list here

What are hosted people and how may I become one of those lucky guys?

Well, they are guys who have a Free software related project. We host a lot of Software but also some nice Creative commons creations. Please read this page and this one to ensure that your project may be hosted on TF, register on the panel and you are all set !

Is that it? Is it really free?

When you ask for a project, you have to fill a description to describe it and to give the licenses used. Your project have to be moderated by the crew before you can do anything on TF. Once your project is validated, you will never have to pay anything, so yes, it is really free! :)

How do you support all those nice servers and internet access if you are not charging for your services?

The servers and bandwidth come mainly from donations to the association. We do have a paypal account that can be used for donations if you would like to contribute. Otherwise, the administrators provide a lot of personal hardware and money to keep the servers up-to-date.

Is TuxFamily reliable?

It seems to be :) You may follow the issues and updates on the news website

Does Tuxfamily offer any guarantees on the services they provide?

No. As any ISP, we can't give any guarantees concerning dependability and speed.

Just know that we are doing our best ;)

What kind of system and bandwidth do you have?

We have 20 servers running under Debian, located in 3 different data centers, with a 2 Gbits/s global network capacity.

Who is behind TuxFamily?

Nine guys are working to keep TuxFamily up and running : 6 administrators and 3 moderators You can see us here

What is the panel? Where does it come from?

The VHFFS panel is mainly developed by the TuxFamily crew. More details on the official website