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Jump to navigationJump to search depends on your donations is a free (as in free beer AND free speech) web hosting service. We only have one condition : make free (as in free speech) content. But free as in free speech does not imply free as in free beer: has operating costs (buying servers, mostly). We depend entirely on your donations for this.

Donating is not mandatory; but we do appreciate all the support you give us. There are several ways to support us:

  • donating money
  • joining the organization
  • giving a bit of your free time to help be it on this wiki (correcting our english or translating from french latest additions) or our [community forum], see below too for other kind of involvement

Why Donate and What For? is kindly hosted by Lost Oasis and Free : we do not have hosting, electricity and bandwidth costs.

But that does not cover everything: we still need to buy and maintain our servers. It means we have to keep a reasonable amount of cash at all time, in case of hardware failure, and invest in new servers so we can face the constant growth of hosted projects and keep providing new services.

We kindly appreciate and thank the following websites that redirect their paypal page for direct contribution to

What your donations are NOT for

All the collected funds will go to the web hosting service. Team members do not get any wages or compensations (neither in cash nor in hardware). The organization does not reimburse meals or anything else. We only reimburse travelling expenses for new servers installation (not even for free software events where we represent

By supporting, you can be sure that all your help will only profit to free content.

How to give back

Monetary gifts

The most effective and simple way to help us is to make a donation, either by wire transfer (best way), PayPal or cheque (if you are in France). You can also donate hardware.

If you are in France, you can also join the organization. Joining is a very good way to get involved in the project's life, by receiving regular information on our activities.

Giving a bit of your time

According to your abilities, your availability and your wishes, you can help in several ways:

  • You can help helping other hosted projects:
    • Help us to improve, fix and translate this FAQ
    • Help us answer on our forum, the help mailing-list (send a mail to : help-request at lists dot tuxfamily dot org with "subscribe" as subject) or irc:// on our IRC channel].

  • If you'd rather like help us with programming, you can:
    • Help us develop VHFFS, the software runs on. You can also help by translating/improving its documentation.
    • Help us develop new services for our platform.

  • You can also become a moderator. You will:
    • Answer requests for new groups or services.
    • Help other hosted people.
    • The moderation process takes place on a dedicated IRC channel. You'll need to keep your client connected and check awaiting requests when you can.

  • You may also become a sysadmin :
    • The first step is to get to know our platform and the other administrators, by hanging out on our IRC channel.
    • This mostly means recurrent maintenance tasks, being able to react quickly when a failure happens, more than installing new servers or services.
    • You'll need a good experience of Unix systems. Discovering our platform may take some time. But we do appreciate help offers and a fresh look can only profit us.

Become a part of your beloved web hosting service ! Be bold and join us ! ;)