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Note: french version of this page is very likely more up to date.

Infos et liens

Tuxfamily server's address

  • Adress:
  • Port: 30000 (default UDP port)

Beginning with the game

As a player

First, setup your keyboard so that it fits more your keyboard layout.

As for the rest, you should be able to deal with it, but here are a few advice:

  • Hit F10 to open console.
  • Inside the console, type /help for infos.
  • Type «I» to open your inventory.
  • If the server is set up in a realistic way, your health points will count. You will hurt if you fall from too high. You won't have much in your inventory and will have to craft your own objects by gathering the materials. You can craft your own pickaxe, torches... Visit minetest's wiki for this, this is mandatory if you want to learn how to craft the various items.
  • Here is a tutorial on how to build your first house:
  • It is useful to refer to the server description when you connect. Visit minetest's «Servers» subforum: . You will find there server rules and commands to better profit from its use.

As a privileged user

  • In «singleplayer» and «créatif» modes, the game will ease your life and give you access to plenty of items, quality pickaxes since the start.
  • In «multiplayer» mode, public servers have many active mods, which for instance: enable mobs (creatures), allow to set up players permissions to dig in certain zones.
  • It comes handy to know how to fly. Type /grant singleplayer fly. You will then be able to fly thanks to the key you assigned.
  • You may also grant yourself every priviledges. Type /grant singleplayer all.
  • Time goes fast. And personally, I prefer to walk daylight. In the console, type /time 6000 to have the time set up at 6:00 in the morning.

Tuxfamily server's philosophy

  • Make it easy for new players.
    • avoid to ask him to type commands to create an account, protect his zone.
    • have some tutorial signs on the server
  • Prefer the «vanilla» version of the game rather than running mods
    • If a problem is to be found with the game, it has not to be fixed with the help of a mod, but within the main game (contribute to upstreap philosophy)
    • Test (and taste) the vanilla game.
  • Server version: following Debian one
    • This is not to bother other distributions and operating systems, but if a package is made, its intent is to be used. We would like it to be kept up to date.
  • To be decided: give favor to realism, or help construction/destruction ?
    • A priori, we'll go towards realism. Don't give player priviledges to conquer the land.
  • Our players and admins are without priviledges
    • We won't have protected areas. Each one has to care about what others build.

Server administration

Administration of a server

On Tuxfamily machine

Basic administration

You can use the script to start the server.

Content of :

 screen -A -m -d -S MINETEST_screen /usr/games/minetestserver --config /home/users/cacatoes/minetest/cfg/minetest.conf

To close the server, you might use

Tasks and ideas

  • Have backups of the world
  • Allow players to build stuff more easily (contradictory with principles mentionned earlier)
  • Since the world is stored in a file, see if it can be made public/put to good use
Mod ideas

(contradictory with principles mentionned earlier)

Its configuration

7th october 2014:

# Client and server

# Name of player; on a server this is the main admin
name = Cacatoes

# Server stuff

# Network port to listen (UDP)
port = 30000
# Name of server
server_name = MineTuxFamily
# Description of server
server_description = Minetest server running on
# Domain name of server
server_address =
# Homepage of server
server_url =
# Automaticaly report to masterserver
server_announce = 1
# Announce to this masterserver. if you want to announce your ipv6 address - use  serverlist_url =
serverlist_url =
# Default game (default when creating a new world)
default_game = minetest
# World directory (everything in the world is stored here)
#map-dir = /custom/world
# Message of the Day
motd = Amusez-vous bien !
# Maximum number of players connected simultaneously
max_users = 15

# Set to true to disallow old clients from connecting
#strict_protocol_version_checking = false
# Set to true to enable creative mode (unlimited inventory)
#creative_mode = false
# Enable players getting damage and dying
#enable_damage = false
# Despawn all non-peaceful mobs
#only_peaceful_mobs = false
# A chosen map seed for a new map, leave empty for random
#fixed_map_seed =
# Gives some stuff to players at the beginning
#give_initial_stuff = false
# New users need to input this password
#default_password =
# Available privileges: interact, shout, teleport, settime, privs, ...
# See /privs in game for a full list on your server and mod configuration.
#default_privs = interact, shout
# Whether players are shown to clients without any range limit
#unlimited_player_transfer_distance = true
# Whether to enable players killing each other
#enable_pvp = true
# If this is set, players will always (re)spawn at the given position
#static_spawnpoint = 0, 10, 0
# If true, new players cannot join with an empty password
#disallow_empty_password = false
# If true, disable cheat prevention in multiplayer
#disable_anticheat = false
# If true, actions are recorded for rollback
#enable_rollback_recording = false
# If true, blocks are cached (and generated if not before) before a player is spawned.
#cache_block_before_spawn = true
# Defines the maximum height a player can spawn in a map, above water level
#max_spawn_height = 50