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Privacy policy

Like many others in the world of Free and Open Source Software, TuxFamily is concerned with privacy, and is basically opposed to giving away any kind of data to anyone but their rightful owners. So as a first commitment, TuxFamily will absolutely never yield your data (namely: email address, address, city, zipcode, country) for spam or commercial purposes. However, please note that first and last names are made public through our panel's public area.

On the other hand, TuxFamily is located in France and as such has to comply with French laws (which in turn are supposed to comply with European laws). Typically, due to the LCEN law, TuxFamily is required to:

  • ask your first name, last name and residential address when subscribing. Note that TuxFamily is required to ask for these pieces of data, it is not required to check they are correct.
  • keep access logs for at least one year. This applies to all France-based hosters.

The access logs are kept on TuxFamily's side; on a daily basis, they are split and made available to each of our hostees through their FTP/SFTP/SSH access; and they are only processed by and for TuxFamily's Awstats service. Additionally, TuxFamily tends to refuse the hosting of Awstats alternatives. Since the TuxFamily staff is keen on simple setups, the Awstats pages of each project are *public*, i.e. their access is not restricted by any kind of protection: no login+password authentication, no magic token, no IP restrictions, nothing. On the other hand, Awstats is configured not to reveal IP addresses of visitors (as those could have been used by nasty organisations to determine and/or prove that a given citizen has indeed visited a given TuxFamily-hosted website).

Beyond access logs, TuxFamily also collects error logs; those are not made directly available to hostees; if our hostees ask kindly, we are liable to provide them with a few select lines of error (typically without IP addresses) so they can fix their issues.