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Getting known

Choosing a license

The page explaining licenses should be suficiently detailed. It's important not to make the confusion between libre and gratis :

  • the libre aspect is the more important as it provides guarantees in the long term and show that the user is privileged
  • the fact it's gratis it nothing compared to the freedom, hence put forward the libre aspect, event if you precise that - as a matter of fact - you distribute your soft for free
  • some precisions about licenses for games:
  • see [en] even the tools used should be free software (be pragmatic... If Delphi or Visual C++ are used, this should work with free pascal and gcc too for example). One advantage is that anybody can contribute back to your game using Free Software, rather than have to buy software for example.

One definition commonly accepted for a libre game is:

  • the engine(software) is under a libre license
    • client-side at least,
    • server-side if any, of course
  • data used (maps, mods, persos, music, textures...) are as well under a libre license
  • use open formats (with Free Software permitting their modification, ideally) : blender/PNG/Ogg/Vorbis/Theora...