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Communication Libre > Hardware working with a libre operating-system


Seems better to make known that your hardware works under GNU/Linux or any other libre operating-system (or not). This is particularly important for those installing regularly computers or specific hardware (Integrated video/capture cards, webcam, camera...) be it as a professional or as an amateur (at install parties for example). It's a pity vendors don't (yet) think to do it directly on their own.

Reference web site for your tutorial showing how to get your laptop to work:

Think of uploading to your distribution's hardware compatibility list that your hardware is working and do not hesitate to submit your informations at:

  • (subscribe and upload your report) Here's an example to see what it can show
    • a simple /opt/ /tmp/report, once the package is installed (available in your distribution via your preferred package manager, apt, urpmi, yum, emerge...).
    • this is automatically achieved and takes 5 minutes, this is worth it to take on your time to tell others what they can buy. Furthermore, it shows vendor id / product id which are much usefull for web searches
    • when this tool is included on a live-CD (or USB), you can go to a shop, ask to test, save the report on an usb key and check online if the hardware is well supported. You can do it at install parties, before installing, to check if the hardware will be correctly supported and to keep a log of the computers you installed.
  • (see stats)
    • the installation is directly available for some distributions
    • remember to precise that the hardware works, using the mail you'll receive
    • you can automate the upload to take automatically into accounts changes of kernel or addition of hardware
  • for those preferring (anyway, hardware compatibility is mostly dependant on the Linux kernel and available modules/firmware, which may change depending on what the distribution takes into account)


  • Si vous êtes un vendeur/réparateur de portable ou matériel informatique :
    • remonter les infos comme indiqué ci-dessus : c'est un gage de qualité du matériel que vous vendez, même pour les périphériques
    • lorsqu'un client vous rapporte un windows qui s'est auto-détruit, gardez-le 2-3 jours mais prêtez un portable sous GNU/Linux à votre client pour le faire patienter, en identifiant correctement ce dont il aura besoin (multimédia, bureautique, mail/internet, autres besoins spécifiques...). Nul doute que certains seront content du double boot que vous leur aurez proposé d'office (il y a la place maintenant sur le moindre disque !)
  • Pour se faire rembourser les logiciels non désirés avec le matériel :