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Indexing is important to let know about the software(s) you've developed

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Your better communication is your documentation and your code.

For packages (deb or rpm or any other),

  • provide instructions to use your repository
  • get acquainted with your distribution : we promote upstream work, see below
  • integrate and collaborate with the maintainers of packages in the same domain as yours

Upstream contributions

  • before opening yet another new repository, try to join an existing project upstream
    • be involved in development mailing-lists (this will permit to recruit testers for your packages)
    • join the contributers of your distribution, they will show you good practices
  • ask yourself one second "why would I open yet another repository rather than join existing teams?"
    • have a look at and contact the projects to join their team
    • it's infuriating to observe the number of repositories opened for no rational, unmaintained afterwards, only addressing a ponctual need et visibly unsuficiently tested (giving your help to integrate your packages upstream ensures that packages orphans won't stay without maintainers too long)

Have a look at it from a user point of view :

  • who would use your packages ? (which ones BTW)
  • why would they add yet another repository to their source list ? how would they know the level of maintenance you will be providing ? (will it still exist when there are security advisories, in 3 years from now on when 6 versions went out ?)
  • why don't you work upstream with existing package maintainers ? Don't you think you would learn much more than simply on you own to be integrated in an existing team ?



The community is always happy to integrate new contributers, do not hesitate to ask for helpto see your work incorporated to the official distribution !