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MySQL Databases


Mysql databases allows you to easily store datas and access them from php webpages.



  • Login on the panel
  • Select the project that will receive the new database
  • Use the "Create" link in the MySql section to create the database.
  • Don't forget to provide a good description to avoid moderation issues.
  • Your database name will be : ProjectName_Database

Creation tips

  • Don't forget to provide a description
  • Be careful, there are some restrictions on the database's name length (the panel will help you)


This object is moderated. See :this page

How to configure it (panel)

You don't have any configuration options on a MySQL database. The only thing you can do on this part of the panel is to overwrite the database's password.


You can use phpmyadmin to do basics operations on your database.


  • User name: Database_name
  • Password : Database_password

Note: phpmyadmin may refuse to connect, even if your id and password are correct. In this case, try deleting the cookies for phpmyadmin.tuxfamily.org and try to reconnect (yep, this problem often happens, don't know why though :/)

How to manage my group's permissions on this object

You can use some ACL rules to set special permissions and allow members of your group to see/modify your database on the panel.

How to destroy it

  • login to thepanel
  • Go in your project section
  • select your database
  • Use the destroy button

How to use it

  • Once your database moderated, you can use your database with the following informations :
  • Login : NameOfTheDatabase
  • Password : PasswordOfTheDatabase
  • host : sql
  • port : 3306

SQL host: sql

Note : Yes, the database server is sql. Yes there isn't any extension, Yes, it does work. No you can't connect to the mysql server from outside

SQL Dumps

We provide daily SQL dumps in your group directory. the name of the dump file is db_name.mysql.dump

You can also use http://phpmyadmin.tuxfamily.org to dump it or even do it by ssh ;)

Tips and tricks

  • Yes, the database user is the same as the database name.
  • Yes the SQL server is sql ! We know it sounds weird but it does work !

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