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Downloads Repositories


Repositories allow storing static files that you wish to make available for download. This implies "big" files:

  • ISO files
  • packages repositories (.deb, .rpm, etc.)
  • videos
  • high-resolution photos

.. as well as smaller files:

  • CSS files
  • avatars of members of your web applications
  • theme pictures of your web applications
  • ...

This does not include dynamic files (.cgi, .php, ...).

Default quota is 1024 MB and can be easily increased if you ask for it (kindly :D). Files are download-able using ftp, http and rsync. Ask for quota increase via the "Contact" tab after logged into user panel at

Note: choose carefully the name of your project as the URL for your repository will be of the form

What is the difference with a standard web area?

Using repositories is very important for TuxFamily to keep providing a suitable service.

Indeed, web areas are made specifically to serve dynamic content (fast disks, leading to limited and expensive space disk, several load-balanced machines to handle dynamic web pages, ...) while repositories are optimized for delivering static content (substantial, cheap space disk, geodns-based architecture using several dispatched servers to serve clients depending on their geographic location, no dynamic web pages, ...).

Therefore, even if by chance you got a high quota on your standard web area, you should not use it to store and serve big static files.



You can ask for creation in the panel (Your Project/Download Repository/Create).


  • Write a clear description including license, moderation will be quicker.


This object is moderated see : Moderation

How to administrate

There isn't any option in the panel.


Nothing to configure :)

How to manage my project's rights

This object can be shared with your group using ACL

How to delete

  • login in the panel
  • Click on your project's group
  • Click on your repository
  • Click on delete

How to use


URLS for browsing are :


Simply use your ftp client on with your login (the panel one), files belong to your group and are replaceable by your project's contributors. Please add a README file including :

  • Repository's content, its organization
  • The license you chose for your files (see LicenceLibre) : add a LICENSE or COPYRIGHT file (like in debian)
  • How to use this repository
  • You can name this file MANIFEST (or _README or .README ? to place it first of list) => verify what is printed with an ftp connection.

You can upload files by SSH. The directory groupname/groupname-pub/ inside your home is the download area.

 $ rsync -av ./download/

When connecting by SSH or SFTP for the first time the following will be shown on the tty:

Connecting to
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 8d:b8:fe:cf:3a:2a:58:4b:fb:ad:0a:40:e6:5c:40:76.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?
Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.

Filling with php/your application on the webarea

For your forum avatars, or uploaded files on your wiki, it is recommended to use a download repository (those are static files, consuming disk-space).

Have a look at recommendations for application to see how to proceed, briefly told :

  • use /data/repository/[your_project_name]/static/

(you need to create the /static/ directory yourself with your FTP client)


You can get statistics at, for example:

Download repositories and civism...

As on any shared hosting platform, resources are shared between all our users. This is also true for the download repository service. Please follow those simple rules (most of them are common sense...) :

  • Do not waste storage space. You have to clean up your download repository and remove old/unused files
  • Please warn us before releasing big files... (ISO of a distribution for example)
  • If you want to be on (or any other similar website) you also have to warn us BEFORE so we can tell our Bandwidth providers that we are going to suck a lot of bandwidth...
    • We recommend to avoid having a direct link to the ISO on distrowatch and suggest giving a page listing existing mirrors (4 at least for load-balancing's purpose)
    • We'd be as worried as you to have to close this service, which nearly happened once
  • If you are releasing packages for a distribution with a name starting by 'U' and finishing by 'buntu', remember to get in touch with the official repositories to host your packages instead of creating yet another repository on TuxFamily... or have a simple look at existing repositories and contact their owner to join them
  • Preferably, reserve this service for your development ISOs (less downloads than a public release), or as a primary mirror server (this will help when other mirrors are hammered by thousands of FTP connections)
  • Please also ask your users not to use those #@!$#@!$#@$ downloading 'accelerators' softwares that open 200000 connections on the server to download a single file... Those softwares surely increase the server load but not the download speed...

TuxFamily have always been nice with you and we really dislike filtering our services. But if one of you use so many resources that the service quality is impacted for all our hosted projects, we will kick his ass for sure.

Tricks and tips

  • Look at for a debian repository example.
  • Think to put a md5sum or sha1 file for ISO images (It allows to check the downloaded files)
  • Please tidy up your folders (more than your room) to foresee next versions.
  • All files uploaded to downloads repositories will be downloadable by anyone, whatever the mode you set on the files

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