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Downloads Repositories


Repositories allow hosting big files in order to be downloaded :

  • ISO files
  • Packages repositories (.deb, .rpm...)

Default quota is 1024 MB and can be easily increased if you ask for. Files will be downloadable using ftp, http, and rsync.

Note : choose carefully the name of your project as the URL for your repository will be of the form



You can ask for creation in the panel (Your Project/Download Repository/Create).


  • Write a clear description including license, moderation will be quicker.


This object is moderated see : Moderation

How to administrate

There isn't any option in the panel.


Nothing to configure :)

How to manage my project's rights

This object can be shared with your group using ACL

How to delete

  • login in the panel
  • Click on your project's group
  • Click on your repository
  • Click on delete

How to use


URLS for consultation are :


Simply use your ftp client on with your login (the panel one), files belong to your group and are replaceable by your project's contributors. Please add a README file including :

  • Repository's content, its organization
  • The license you chose for your files (see LicenceLibre) : add a LICENSE or COPYRIGHT file (like in debian)
  • How to use this repository
  • You can name this file MANIFEST (or _README or .README ? to place it first of list) => verify what is printed with an ftp connection.


You can get statistics at, for example:


  • Look at for a debian repository example.
  • Think to put a md5sum or sha1 file for ISO images (It allows to check the downloaded files)
  • Please tidy up your folders (more than your room) to foresee next versions.

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