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Admin Game:OpenArena/En



  • Use your package management application (rpmdrake/urpmi, smart, apt, emerge, yum, ...) for GNU/Linux
  • Download the full-game version [loki installer for linux], use bittorrent (with azureus) to download it.
  • create $HOME/games/openarena/ and tar zxvf ../oa060.tar.gz
  • create $HOME/.openarena/baseoa/ and add config files
  • create $HOME/games/admin_oa/ and put starting scripts (stop is done by killing process)
  • if using grsec, see use chpax do this to disable pax noexec protection on quake 3: chpax -sp /home/games/quake3/q3ded
  • verify that there is no q3config.cfg file (it overrides values in specific config files)


  • directory for configuration files: $HOME/.openarena/baseoa/
  • configuration file (example at least): configtf.cfg
  • port(s) used: 27970 27980
  • name of server:

add bots to one game at least so that people are not alone

seta bot_enable "1"
seta bot_minplayers 4
// to add some bots at will, you can do the following:
//addbot sarge 2
//addbot gargoyle 2

FYI, the following outgoing UDP ports should be unblocked to play OpenArena:

27950 -- Master server 
27960 - 27981 -- Most OpenArena servers
10000 - 10040 -- Another small cluster of servers
27999, 15224, 21000, 62505 -- Other servers not on the standard ports

start / stop / status / logs

launch screen (yes the command) before starting each server

  • cd $HOME/games/admin_oa ; ./
  • cd $HOME/games/admin_oa ; ./
  • status with ps auxww
  • logs are in $HOME/.openarena/baseoa/games.log (should be different...)
  • todo:
    • count number of players to be displayed at
    • supervision script that detects when a server is down and tries to relaunch it once (and sends a mail once done), sends a mail when relaunch failed (keep a file with status)

Names of admin for this game

  • contact: baud123 @ #tuxfamily

Documentations / links