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Admin Game:Teeworlds/En



Official version

  • Use the package manager to install teeworlds-server

OpenFNG mod

  1. Clone the Git repository
  2. Checkout the appropriate branch (currently openfng_fixed_0_6)
  3. Use the package manager to install the dependencies: bam, libsdl1.2-dev and libfreetype2-dev.
  4. Build the sources using bam (`bam` and voila)


FIXME: detail the conf

  • servers configurations are in $HOME/*.cfg
  • default port is UDP 8303 for unmodified Teeworlds and UDP 8339 for OpenFNG.
  • server is:

start / stop / status / logs

FIXME: detail the method and improve it

Names of admin for this game


  • Ban @ #tuxfamily
  • johndescs @ #tuxfamily

Documentations / links

Current configuration