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  • Game type: Third Person Shooter
  • License: BSD
  • Description: A cartoonish Third Person Shooter with a unique gameplay.
  • Teeworlds: [Official Site] - [Forums] - [FAQ]


  • Use your package management application (rpmdrake/urpmi, smart, apt, emerge, yum, ...) for GNU/Linux
  • Or download the full-game version [download area].
  • You'll need a 3D-capable graphic card, but integrated chipsets like Intel's or OSS radeon driver on supported hardward do work.

Network configuration

  • Search for server [TuxFamily] CTF (or connect to for CTF.
  • Search for server [TuxFamily] OpenFNG4 (or connect to for OpenFNG (on the openfng4 map).

Keys / Game strategy

The default keys configuration is standard for FPS-like games, but can be changed in the settings:

  • A: left
  • D: right
  • Space: jump
  • Mouse: aim
  • LMB: fire
  • RMB: hook
  • Mouse scroll: change weapon

The hook is one of the most important part of the gameplay, and is used both to help moving and to catch opponents (either to shoot them easily or to move them against their will).

CTF Game type

It is a classic Capture The Flag mode: each team tries to bring opponent's flag to their base while keeping their own flag. Basic strategy is to keep a part of the team defending the base and the flag, while another part attacks the opponent's base to take their flag and bring it home. A good attacker must move quickly and be able to escape and fool opponents; while a good defender must mostly be good at killing enemies and preventing them to reach a point.

Good practices

  • Don't block your teammates.
  • Don't wait on the opponent's flag unless you know it will come back soon and they would score. When you do so, you're of no use to your team until you actually get the flag. Prefer keeping playing, maybe while staying around the opponent's base if there's no teammate around or you suspect the flag could come back soon.
  • If you have the opponent's flag and your team's flag is at home, score. Don't block the game by keeping the flag for whatever reason.
  • Defend your flag keeper when in danger, but don't block him.

OpenFNG Game type

Each team tries to freeze its opponents (by hitting them with a laser shot) and then sacrifice them in their private shrines or in the common ones, but not in the opponent's private shrines. A player can melt his teammates by hitting them with the hammer, or by sacrificing them (this doesn't cost a point to anyone). Freezing the opponents require good aiming and reflex, while sacrificing generally requires correct hooking abilities; but generally each player always do both.

Good practices

  • Don't block your teammates, neither when they move nor when they try to sacrifice a frozen opponent.
  • Don't steal: unless the teammate that froze an opponent can't do it himself (busy, dead, not around, frozen), don't sacrifice opponents frozen by somebody else than you.
  • Melt your teammates, preferably with the hammer so they melt in place, but if they won't melt themselves soon and you don't have time to hammer them, also by sacrificing them (so they respawn and don't get sacrificed by an opponent).
  • Never camp on opponent's spawn (spawn camping or sk).

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