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The games

Our gaming platform is currently working and allows people from all around the world to play one of those nice free games :

We were hosting those games but had to stop for the following reasons :

Free games !

The offered games are freely available under GNU/Linux. Most clients are availables in GNU/Linux distributions:

  • prefer using your favorite packaging system (apt, urpmi, yast, emerge, pacman, ...)
  • In some cases, the client is provided only with the complete game; this is specified in each game's page
  • for those under Windows or MacOS X, clients are sometimes available, but use a GNU/Linux instead ;)
  • for us, a free game is totally free: client, server and artworks.

Interesting links

To contribute

Use GameTemplate/En as a template when adding a new page for a game.

See Games/Admin for administration tasks of each game