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The groups


A group is a team of users working on a same project.


  • A nice free software related project or a nice idea.


Creating a group is the first step for your project and it is the most important! During this step, you will have to prove that your project can be hosted on our platform!

As usual, you have to login on the panel with your user name and password. Then use the "Create" link in the "My projects" section to start the creation process. Fill up correctly ALL the fields of the creation form, check that your personal informations are true and submit your project.

Once the form submited, you have to wait because the moderation crew have to manually accept or refuse your project. Have a cup of cofee, it can take a while... we have to read your description, talk a bit about it and then finaly decide if the project will be hosted or not. The more precise your description is, the better.

Creation tips an tricks

  • Choose a group name related to your project
  • Take the time to make a nice description! If you don't, you will have to resubmit your project again and again until we like the description. It is generally a good idea to directly submit the correct description.
  • Don't forget to precise the license of your project (no license = project refused for sure)

Specific cases

If your group name is already registered, there is only 3 possibilities :

  • Someone had the same idea than you : Try to contact him and to join his project
  • You are trying to ask for a group that have the same name that your username (we told you to create an account for each member and not one account for the whole group !). In that case, you will have to destroy your user, create a new one and ask for a group...
  • The group already exist !, One of your contributors created a website dedicated to the version of your project before leaving the country to start a new life: In this case, you might want to join our irc channel : and ask for an admin.


It is the hardest object to get! Have a look in the Moderation section.

How to admin it

Once your project created and accepted by the team, you are the master of your project (tadaaa) and you have the power to add or remove people from your group, to grant access on some objects or parts of the website etc...

You now have some new sections on the panel : those are services you can ask for your project.


The project configuration form is quite trivial : you can add or remove users from your group, using the appropriate buttons. You can also change the project description if you want to.

Please notice that you have to wait several minutes after adding an user in the group to see him inside.

How to manage group permissions

No! no democracy! You are the only master in your group ! Do whatever you want with your members, they won't even be able to leave the group without your permission Muahahahahahahah!

How to destroy it

Well, just press the red button (delete this project) in the configuration section of your project

You have to destroy all the objects of this project (web areas, repositories...) before removing it.

How to use it

Groups are ruled by quotas. When you create your group, you have 100Mo. You can increase your quota by sending a nice email to the administrators.

Those quotas include all services except download repositories that have their own quotas.

If you are over-quota, you won't be able to upload files on your website.

Tricks and tips

  • why I can't upload any files without being over-quota ?

First, make sure that your folders are owned by your project-group and not by your primary-group(same name as your username) because your primary group have a 1Mb quota restriction.

  • How can I do to prevent definitively this from happening ?

You can do a chmod 2xxx (sgid) on your folders. We recommend using 2775.

  • How can I do this with my FTP client ?

All ftp clients are not able to do this but maybe yours can... try making a right clic on some file, you might have access to the files permissions than set them as chown on this page.

(We still have to find a solution for windows users??)

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