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<big>Hacking Needs</big>
This page is here to get hosted people involved in TuxFamily's life. You can find here a list of all the work that you can do to help us. You will mainly find in this list some tasks that we don't have the time to do.
*Translate this FAQ in all languages
*Work on our [http://games.tuxfamily.net gaming service]. It can be refactoring the website or taking care of one of the gaming servers.
*work on [http://vhffs.org VHFFS]
Feel free to send us an email or to join our [irc://irc.tuxfamily.org/#tuxfamily irc channel] if you are interested :)
== For those skilled at graphism ==
*  if you're fluent at  mediawiki, you can help us beautify  http://faq.tuxfamily.org or http://forum.tuxfamily.org (a priori, someone skilled at CSS / style sheets could help a lot)
* we have flyers that would deserve more illustrations  : http://docs.tuxfamily.org/SL2008/ (of course, there are  penguins, other representations of free software are welcome, under  CC-by-sa licence). Gab had really done a fantastic job !
* you can spend some time to provide feedback about http://faq.tuxfamily.org/CommunicationLibreArt/Fr the purpose being to convince  artists to contribute and promote libre art ;-)
* you can suggest logos for http://logo.tuxfamily.org/
* if you're a blender master, you can play with http://docs.tuxfamily.org/TF_logo_blender/ (and avoid this seasick feeling)
* the  VHFFS logo http://vhffs.org could be freshened
* if you like games, maybe adding a section "contact an artist" to http://faq.tuxfamily.org/CommunicationLibreGame/Fr ? (by adding their web site for example)

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