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Hardware needs

TuxFamily needs money and hardware to live !

You can make a donation via the paypal link of our website but if you have some nice hardware that you don't use, feel free to give it to us;)

TuxFamily mainly needs :

some hardware

  • RAID SCSI board
  • SCSI hard drives >= 9 GB
  • IDE/SATA hard drives >= 40 GB
  • 1U ou 2U RACK (If you have a complete server, it is even better :) )
  • power supplies for 1U cases
  • dual Pentium III/mono Pentium IV mother boards (or better)
  • Pentium III / Pentium IV processors
  • SD-RAM 133 (>=128M) or DDR 3200 (>=256M) Ram modules

hosting and servers

If you want to give us some stuff, please send an email to ca at association dot tuxfamily dot org

Thanks !