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= Services available=
= Services available=
List of all [http://www.imtrends.com/do/search_domain_simple?domain=jabber.tuxfamily.org&x=23&y=8 available jabber services].

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This server allows you to obtain a JID (Jabber IDentifier) for communicating with your friends and loved ones.

TuxFamily has ties to JabberFR for sharing documentation and certain services (calendar, chatrooms,...)

Consequently, you can join the xmpp:tuxfamily@chat.jabberfr.org chatroom (though currently, irc://#tuxfamily@irc.tuxfamily.org is a wee bit more popular)



All you need to do to create an account is to login to the jabber.tuxfamily.org with a login of username@jabber.tuxfamily.org where username is your tuxfamily panel login, and with your panel password.

This will automatically create your JID; provided that you also belong to at least one group.

How to delete

Can't be done.


You might want to consult the documentation at jabber.org

Services available

List of all available jabber services.