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Mail domains


TuxFamily can also manage your mails for your own domains or for * By requesting a mail service on the panel, you will be able to add as many mailboxes and forwards as you need to your domain.

This page only explain how to manage mail domains. To get useful informations about mails, please refer to the User mails page



As usual, login on the panel, select the project that will receive your new domain mail then use the create button in the mails domains section.

Creation tips

  • Make sure that you create a domain in * or that you owns...

If you have your own domain

If you owns a domain (let's say, you probably want to create a mail domain for it.

TuxFamily can't sell domain names and is not going to give you domains. If you want one, just by one :) Maybe you should try with gandi (those guys rox ;) )

You can also, if you want, host your DNS on TuxFamily.

If you don't have a domain

In this case, you will have to use a mail domain in * Just ask for

Beware of the dependancy with TuxFamily for your emails.


This object is moderated. Please see the Moderation section

How to configure it (panel)

You have several fields on the panel :

  • Catchall address : the catchall address :)
  • Accounts : The mailboxes of your domain
  • Forwards : Virtual mailboxes that forward mails to an other address.


  • MAIL server 1 :
  • MAIL server2 :

How to manage my group's rights on this object

You can share this object with people of your group using the ACL system

How to destroy it

  • login to the panel
  • select the group that owns this mail domain
  • select the mail domain
  • use the delete button

How to use it

In any case, your login is your full mail address

Please notice that TuxFamily don't provide a smtp server. Please use your ISP's server or configure sendmail on your computer.

Tricks and tips

  • You can't ask for the mail domain, it's ours :))

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