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Mailing lists


A Mailing-list enables you to define mail adresse which redirects to some mailboxes ( or not).



You can create lists with your own domain and with domain too.

help for creation


This object is submitted to moderation see : here

How to Administer (panel)


When you create a mailing list, you have many options. See details :

  • Moderated : Posts on mailing list are moderated. Administrator have to validate messages before they are sent to members of the list(disabled by default).
  • Open subscribing : Anybody can subscribe to this list and receive messages. (enabled by default).
  • Open Post : Anybody can post a message on this list (disabledto avoid spam, except if a member of your list have a virus)
  • Open Archives : Archives of the list are public (disabled by default)

Users have different permissions. "Subscriber" Right permits to send and receive messages. An Administrator, could moderate messages of the list, subscribe new members.

When you create a list, you have to define a base name which creates two adresses :

  • basename@domain, used to post on the list. (default : domain = or your own domain name if you manage it by the panel).
  • basename-request@domain, used for administration requests. Used to subscribe, unsubscribe, etc ...

How to handle group rights

This object can be shared with your group using the ACL

How to delete

  • login with Panel
  • click on your project's group
  • click on your mailing list
  • click on Delete

How to use

We will concentrate on the address name_of_list-request@domain, which will allow you to manage your list. Here is how it works.

For the lambda user (or bêta)

To subscribe to the ML, just send a mail to name_of_list-request@domain with subject : "subscribe" (yes, you read correctly, the -request is for administrative management). A mail is sent back to confirm the request. To unsubscribe, it's the same thing but with the subject being "unsubscribe". And to annoy the user till the end, confirmation is needed too.

Your list archives are available at :

example :

if your project is hosted directly at TF, the url will be :

As administrator

For moderating, an administrator can send the following messages :

  • A message with the subject : "moderate list" will get you a list of messages to moderate.
  • A message with the subject : "moderate validate XXXXX" will validate and send to the list the message identified by XXXXXX
  • A message with the subject : "moderate delete XXXXX" will delete the message identified by XXXXXX

Remarques diverses

  • Pour obtenir de l'aide, envoyez simplement un message ayant pour sujet : "help" sur la liste administrative (nom_de_base-request@domaine).
  • Lorsqu'un mail administratif est mal été compris par listengine, il vous envoie un mail vous notifiant qu'il n'a pas compris ce que vous voulez lui dire. Un peu comme un animal, en fait.
  • Une liste ne peut pas s'envoyer un message à elle-même (je te voyais venir de loin, Bozo !)

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