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Moderation rules

When you ask for a service on TuxFamily, you have to go trough the moderation process. A moderator or administrator have a look at your project description and make sure it fits the requirements to be hosted on our platform.

If every thing is fine, your project is accepted otherwise it is refused.

Projects that will be accepted :

  • A free software (see the licenses section)
  • A community of free software users
  • Your musics released under creative commons or ArtLibre licenses
  • Your drawings under creative commons or ArtLibre licenses
  • ...

Projects that will be refused:

  • Your pictures of your las vacations with your dad in St-Barazin-les-Tougouda
  • The website of your counter-strike team
  • Your grandma's cooking lessons (But she can still send us a cake).
  • Requests to "test" our platform or a software (even a free one). TuxFamily is not a test platform.
  • Commercials websites
  • Student project that will die in a few months. We don't have enough resources to be a "throwable ISP"

You can also read The moderating policy

How to make a request

  • politely
  • For each request (WEB, MySQL / PostgreSQL databases...),you have to provide a description.
  • Make it nice and clear otherwise it might be refused. That's not a big deal but is is time consuming for every one...
  • Do not hesitate to explain the purposes of your websites, the licenses...(one of thoses for example) no license = project refused
  • Tip : even if you make multiple requests in a short amount of time, you can copy/paste your project's description it is easy to do and will prevent bad surprises.
  • Remember that your website description will be placed on the public list of all the hosted websites

Moderation issues

Moderators are humans and can make mistakes ! So, if you feel bad about the moderator's decision, follow those steps :

  • Send an email to modo at staff dot tuxfamily dot org with an explicit subject such as "Moderation error"
  • in this email, give your best description of the project, give the licenses, answer to the question that was in the refuse message

If we did made a mistake, we will ask you to submit your project again. In the other case, we will give you a hard time and throw you some peanuts ;)