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This document aims to present all the necessary guidelines for moderation on It gives you a few simple rules to help you confirm or deny requests by users.


The purpose of the moderator is to confirm or deny service requests made on In any case the moderator is a way to become a director. The main purpose of the moderator is to relieve the work of directors, while leaving them to concentrate on their main job: administrative machinery of the host.


  • Confirm / Deny service requests submitted by users.
  • Check the contents of websites to make it consistent with the charter in order to purge sites unrelated to our philosophy.
  • Develop the discussions between the host and the guest

Basic Rules

  • Do not validate that requests that contain a description / justification
  • The reasons for the request must be consistent with the projects hosted on
  • Requests for commercial accommodation must be Dismissed.

Rules inherent to certain services

  • Never accept a DNS domain *. (example:
  • Never accept a website .* *. tuxfamily with another sub-domain
  • Only one submission is sufficient for all managers: Do not accept a svn / trunk svn / svn branch / release nor trunk.git stable.git, the plaintiff need only create different trees


In case of hesitation on moderation, so let someone else judge the acceptance of the application. Do not take risks, prefer to delegate work to an admin if you do not feel competent to do so.

If you have any doubts about the viability of an area, feel free to discuss the list of moderators. If you experience or discover a serious problem, the reporter immediately to the admins.

Discussions between moderators

To discuss with the accommodation, a list moderator has been established. All moderators are inscribed above and receive the messages in this list. Users noting a problem in moderation are likely to post above, and moderators are encouraged to discuss them if necessary. A rule of thumb is to not respond to a message that someone has already replied (basic rule to maintain credibility in the moderation team). When replying to a mail, it must forwarder (Cc or Bcc) on the list, so that administrators and other moderators voyent you have answered (so that it avoids several moderators respond to the same message). Also, set the Reply-To: on the list so that the user meets all of the moderators.

Moderators are required to join the irc channel moderation

Place = moderator, suspension / deletion of its rights = A moderator can be excluded from the team for the following reasons:

  • Half of the directors wish to exclude from the team
  • On a serious fault
  • If the office of the Association voting exclusion
  • If his activity level is low and that there is no further action on his part.

Contact moderators or administrators

If you have any hesitation in your mission, please contact the administrators. These can be contacted on 'speaking staff at tuxfamily dot dot org'