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Jump to navigationJump to search is a French organization that promote the free software philosophy by providing services and systems to diffuse free contents : source codes, documentations, whatever...

TuxFamily is using a home made panel dedicated to mass hosting : VHFFS

Some history

TuxFamily was created in 1999 by Julien Ducros. First, TuxFamily was a small structure to host some friend's projects. After a while, TuxFamily become a free hosting platform to host any free software related project. In December 2001, TuxFamily became an official French organization to have a legal status to protect the platform and administrators but also to collect donations to by new hardware. This radical change in TuxFamily, helps it to provide a better quality service and host more and more project, becoming bigger and bigger. TuxFamily slowly become a well known organization in the French open source scene.

Until January 2004, TuxFamily was an important actor in the free software development in France. During those few years, more than 6000 peoples joined the TuxFamily planet to present more than 1000 open source projects. The main goal of TuxFamily was to provide a point of presence on the internet for free project. Several services were proposed to hosted people : Web sites, DNS, CVS, SVN, IRC, Free online games..

In January 2004, some random Hackers manage to destroy the hosting platform. Several administrators decided to stop the platform and to quit TuxFamily. Some others with fresh recruits wanted to start a brand new hosting platform, starting from scratch and developing a complete new VHFFS panel. During a full year, the team worked hard and in january 2005, exactly one year after the fatal crash, TuxFamily was back online.

Since January 2004, TuxFamily is still up and running and always trying to provide more and more services to hosted peoples.

The present

Today, is a french organization and internet service provider for free software related projects. We mainly run on donations (hardware, currency and bandwidth). We provide the following services for hosted people:

  • PHP4 and PHP5 web aeras
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • SVN
  • CVS
  • mailboxes with pop/imap/webmail
  • DNS
  • mail domains (with pop/imap/webmail)
  • mailing lists
  • 1Go download repositories
  • Quota de 100 Mo pour tous les projets, hors espace de download, extension de quota si justification.
  • Jabber
  • serveur IRC
  • NTP

Pour héberger un projet sur TuxFamily, il faut passer par une étape de [[[Moderation/Fr|modération]], qui nous permet de vérifier que le projet proposé est effectivement un projet libre. Nous acceptons en général tous les projets de logiciels libres (licences GPL/LGPL, BSD, MIT, ...), mais aussi plus généralement tous les projets sous licence libre (par exemple, les musiques ou autres oeuvres d'art sous licence CC-BY-SA, Art Libre, ...).

Tuxfamily en chiffres

TuxFamily héberge en ce début 2007 environ 800 projets. Nous avons 4 administrateurs et 2 modérateurs s'occupant du maintien de la plate-forme. Les services sont répartis sur plus d'une douzaine de machines hébergées sur trois sites géographiques différents.

L'association compte 22 adhérents.


TuxFamily est déclaré à la CNIL sous le numéro de dossier 1037126.


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