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You wish to abandon your project; What to do, What not to do

Consider the following cases.

Your project never developed into anything; it never really got started

Just delete your project via the Panel. It will be removed from the public list of projects and will no longer be indexed by Search Engines. There's no point in giving the false impression that the project exists.

You developed something, but your project site is empty

How functional/useful is what you've developed? If not very, then just delete your project.

If, however, it's somewhat useful or functional but you think it's poorly written and not worth releasing, then consider that you might be wrong. In this case, create a minimal home page for it which quickly explains your project and gives a link for downloading the last version of your source code. Don't forget to indicate that your project is available for adoption should someone be interested in continuing it.

Your Project exists, has even released a few versions (or other free content), but you're giving it up for lack of interest or time

Absolutely Do Not Delete your project. Let it go dormant. You might want to indicate on your project page that you would like someone to takeover the project at it's present location.

For sites with visitor-modifiable contents (e.g. Wikis, forums, blog comments)

Of course, make sure to freeze the contents, given that you will no longer be able to maintain your site(s).

  • Make sure that nobody can modify or sign-up for your Wiki or forum.
  • Likewise, make sure that comments and trackbacks are closed for your blog.
  • De-activate any doodads that might unnecessarily use up system resources.

These steps will prevent us from having to shut down your whole site in case we find a spam infestation (don't count on us to sift through the junk if you abandoned your project).

If you bought a domain for your project, but don't wish to renew

Don't let the disappearance of your domain be the death of your project. Ask for new webspace in and copy all the content of your old site to the new one. That way, your project will continue to be present and can thereby be adopted by someone else.

Your project has moved, you are no longer hosted by TuxFamily

Be kind and clean up after yourself.

  • If you used your own domain name and it is no longer pointing at TuxFamily, then delete your whole project from the Panel.
  • If your project was hosted as a subdomain of, then leave behind only a redirector file pointing to your project's new home.