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Promoting TuxFamily

For now, there is only one way to promote TuxFamily. You can put one of the following logo on your website to show to your visitors that you are a member of our big family:

  • Hosted by tf1.jpg
  • Hosted by tf2.png
  • Btn tf1.png
  • Btn tf2.png
  • Powered tf1.png

Here is the code needed in order to insert the second image in an html page:

<a href=" "><img src="" alt="hosted by" /></a>

It should even be XHTML 1.0 compliant ! Wonderful isn't it ?

You can find more logos here :

If you feel in an artistic mood, you can submit your creations :) (we accept free contributions with a free license)

Note : you don't need to upload those images in your web area, you can directly include images from

You can promote as well GPLv3 using their logos