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How to translate the TuxFamily FAQ pages.


Style Guidelines

Translate phrases, not individual words

Translate individual words to the extent necessary to get a sense of what each sentence is communicating, but the translation will probably work better if you can find equivalent phrases that flow better in the target language rather than keeping the sentence structure but with each individual word translated piecemeal.

Of course, a so-so translation could be the starting point for someone else to improve on it further. This is a wiki, after all. There's no point in putting in hours of work polishing a sub-section when there are four other sections that haven't had any translation work done.

keep the same structure as the page you are translating from

The table of contents should generally look the same, apart from the words being in a different language. if there are 7 sections in the French document, and 3 sub-sections, in section 4, then the Italian version of the document should have seven sections, with section 4 having 3 sub-sections, and each sub-section should correspond.

That said, while in general the source document that you are translating from should be definitive, if you find that it is missing information, you should add the missing information in the document you are creating, and leave a suggestion in the source document 'discussion' tab that somebody expand on it in that page as well.

Tricks and Tips

  • if there have already translated pages, try to keep your terminology consistent
  • Use your watch-list to keep track of both the page that you are translating, and the page that you are translating from.
  • don't know how to translate a technical term? Try looking for it in one of these glossaries.

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