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The user represents a physical person (YOU). This is also your login to access the panel and all the services provided by TuxFamily. Creating a user account automatically creates an message inbox at and a jabber ID at (the jabber ID is only activated for active users who have at least one project)


A working PC with an internet connection and some common sense ;)


To create your user, use the subscribe link on the Panel and fill in the required fields. Please provide accurate information.

TuxFamily will NEVER use your personal information for commercial purposes !

Once your account has been created, you should receive an email containing your password. Welcome to TuxFamily!

Registration Tips

  • use only lowercase letters and numbers in the user name field.
  • do NOT create an account for your group! you have to create an account for each user and then create a group
  • do not use special/non english characters in any field(€, æ, ï, ç, ø and ñ won't work...)
  • do not use a tuxfamily email address in the email field or, we won't be able to contact you if the mailing platform is down...
  • again, please use a valid email address. As stated, it will not be given to third parties. Also, should the provided email address not be valid, you will not be able to recover forgotten passwords and such.
    • does not send large volumes of email. You're not going to get a daily TuxFamily newsletter.
    • won't be able to inform you of important changes if your the your address is incorrect.

Specific cases

If you already have a dummy account or an account with a bad name, please delete it and create a new one from scratch.


There is no moderation on user registration.

How to manage it? (panel)

There is not much that's vital here... just your user Preferences and personal information etc...

User mails

As a TuxFamily member, you given an email address if one of your projects is validated by the administrator team.

In the user preferences section, you can define how those mails are routed (local mailbox or redirection). Your email password is the same as your panel password.

Warning! Once your mailbox created, you have to activate it by sending an email to this account

You have two options:

  • Redirecting all the mails to an other existing account (
  • creating a real mailbox

If you have this error : Connection dropped by IMAP server, you have to send a mail to activate it as said below.

How to use it

  • (ssl),
  • (ssl)

Outgoing emails : won't provide a smtp server, so you have to use a separate account to send emails.

Other information

Just use the default options of your mail client to use the ssl server (

How to delete it

You can delete your account by using the "delete" button on the panel in your user section.