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Before installation

  • cgi.fix_pathinfo isn't in the correct position (in fact, the filetype .ini cannot be read)

so you will need to find where it is called in setup/index.php and comment out the statement that calls it. (NOTE: the latest version of Flyspray does not exactly match the demonstration code snippet below)

path setup/index.php

//if(substr(php_sapi_name(), 0, 3) == 'cgi' && ! ini_get('cgi.fix_pathinfo')) {
//    die("You are using cgi or fastcgi and you have not set cgi.fix_pathinfo=1 in php.ini.
//         Flyspray cannot work properly without cgi.fix_pathinfo enabled, please update your configuration");
  • problem of temporary memory (impossible to write in the directory /tmp)
path include/class.flyspray.php

function get_tmp_dir()
 return $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT_HASH"].'/tmp';


  • problem of rights (at the moment I cannot do anything but test it, so I don't say that the list is complete)
path feed.php
chmod($cachefile, 0664);