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Required knowledge

  • FTP
  • Minimal knowledge of Python

Installing MoinMoin on TuxFamily

  • Extract MoinMoin to htdocs/wiki
  • Now, here's the tricky part:
    • Create a file named phpinfo.php inside htdocs containing:

<? phpinfo() ?>

    • Make sure it's executable!
    • Navigate your web browser to http://yoursite.tuxfamily.org/phpinfo.php
    • Look for "_ENV["SCRIPT_FILENAME"]". This environment variable, minus the filename, contains the absolute path to your htdocs directory.
  • Edit your wikiconfig.py file to use that absolute path
  • Next, edit the file wiki/wiki/server/moin.cgi, and uncomment the sys.path.insert lines and replace the dummy parts of the lines with your absolute path
  • Navigate your web browser to http://yoursite.tuxfamily.org/wiki/wiki/server/moin.cgi?test
  • If all is well, you'll get a diagnostics page!