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Welcome ;-)

Welcome on TuxFamily's English FAQ. Please sit, have a drink an take a look on the main sections. This FAQ is a wiki : feel free to contribute by adding new stuff or translating from the french FAQ (you need to register on the wiki).

The english FAQ is still not as complete as the french one. You may some times land on a french web page. use google translations ;) BTW we are looking for contributors that would translate the FAQ to English (or Spanish or ... you name it)

The reception

So, if you are here because a guy that know your brother who have a friend who knows someone hosted on TuxFamily, you are at the right place :)

TuxFamily is a non-profit organization that provides free services for projects which deals with the free software philosophy (free as in free speech, not as in free beer). All projects licenced with any libre licence are accepted, for example GPL, BSD, CC-BY-SA, Art Libre, ... Right now, about 4000 users and 800 projects are using TuxFamily.org free hosting services. So don't wait, subscribe to Tuxfamily !

You can find here 10 Frequently Asked questions here : En10Questions

The users room

You can find the latest news about Tuxfamily here : http://www.tuxfamily.info and if you need more informations, have a look to our wonderful website : http://www.tuxfamily.org.

Since you are a happy TuxFamily user, you have been granted an access to our forum : forum.tuxfamily.org it is all your's ! enjoy ;)

What the hell is Tuxfamily.org ?? well, we are not really sure but we are working on it :P you can find a nice presentation here

You are a brand new TuxFamily member, you have just received your password by email but you don't know what to do with it and want some help

First, we hope that you understood our [policy] before subscribing Everything is okay ? your projects fits the requirements ? you still want to trust our silly team for hosting your project ? well... why not... let's get started ;)

anyway, you are now in front of a difficult choice. You have two options :

  • You have your own domain or planning to by one
your url will be **myproject.mydomaine.tld** see EnhHostWithDomain 
  • You don't have a domain for your project but still want to host it on TuxFamily.
your url will be **myproject.tuxfamily.org** see EnHowToHostInTF

Now, here are some other stuff you may want to read :

You have been hosted by TuxFamily for ages but you still have a question

Here is some reading to keep you warm during the long winter nights

When you are warm enough (adding some beers may help) you can :

Dating the administrator crew

  • Learn everything about the admin's personal life (RTA) and try to understand our interventions
  • Add some stuff on their todo list (isn't it great ? filling up someone's todo list with hard work mouahahahah)
  • Read TF's future (will require some more alcohol and an empty fish tank)

The TuxFamily Community